Change campaign status

Campaign status is shown on the All online campaigns page: campaigns are either enabled (shown as a green circle), paused, or deleted (shown as a red X).

You can delete the campaigns you are not running, which is useful if you run up against your campaign limit. When you do so, the campaigns no longer count against that campaign limit (currently 2500).

To change the status of a campaign:

  1. Click the Campaigns tab.
  2. On the All online campaigns page, click the status for the campaign and select the desired status.
  3. If you selected Deleted, click OK to proceed. The campaign's status is updated.

Notes about deleting campaigns:

  • Selecting Deleted does not actually delete the campaign; it hides it in the UI. You can view deleted campaigns by selecting All in the Show options.
  • When you delete a campaign, reporting data will be saved.
  • Campaigns can be undeleted by clicking the status and selecting Enabled or Paused.

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