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Duplicate remarketing list with different duration

You can create a new remarketing list that uses existing tags but has a longer or shorter membership duration than the original list. This can be useful when you are creating combinations of remarketing lists. For example, if you want to create list C, which tracks user cookie IDs that are older than 7 days but younger than 14 days, you could create two lists with the same remarketing tag. The first, list A, would have a membership duration of 14 days; the second, list B, a duration 7 days. You could then create the combination list, C = A - B.

To create a duplicate remarketing list with a different Membership lifespan:
  1. Follow the steps for Creating a new remarketing list.
  2. Enter a Membership duration that is different from the one of the list you will be duplicating.
  3. Click the Select from existing tags radio button and then click the add link of the conversion tag you are duplicating.
  4. Click Save. The new remarketing list is displayed in the Audience segment list.
  5. You can now use this remarketing list when creating a combination of remarketing lists.
A tag is named for the user remarketing list with which it is first associated. Remarketing tags are not duplicated or renamed when you use them for new remarketing lists. They are also not renamed if you make edits to the original user remarketing list name.
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