Ad Exchange remarketing guide

Copy remarketing list tags

After you create a remarketing list, click the link in the Tags / Rules column to copy the code. If you want to copy the tag code later, follow these steps to access the table that includes the tag link:

  1. Click the Campaigns main tab, and then the Audiences tab.
  2. Click the More actions drop-down, and select Audiences.
  3. In the Tags / Rules column, click the link of the appropriate remarketing or combination list. The "Remarketing code" window opens.
  4. From the Page security level drop-down menu, select HTTP or HTTPS, depending on the security level of your conversion confirmation page. The selection affects the tag code snippet.
  5. Copy the code and paste it into applicable pages on your site, between the <body> tags, closer to the </body> tag. For more information on how to paste the code, check the Conversion tracking guide, which includes a section on how to add a tag to a website.
  6. Click Done to close the "Remarketing code" window.
You can also get to the table where you can copy the tag code by clicking the Create and manage lists link in the "Remarketing list" section, or the Manage lists link in the "Custom combination" section, in the "Add audiences" panel.
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