Ad Exchange remarketing guide

Combinations of remarketing lists

You can reach a custom audience by combining remarketing lists in an AND, OR, or NOT relationship. If you want to reach visitors to your site who haven't purchased an item yet you can first create a list of visitors who completed a purchase. Then you can create a custom combination to show your ad to people who visited your site minus those who actually purchased something.

How to create a custom combination list

Follow these steps to create a custom combination:
  1. Sign in to your Ad Exchange account at
  2. Click the Campaigns tab at the top.
  3. Click the Display Network tab.
  4. Click Interests & Remarketing.
  5. Click the Change display targeting button. The "Change display targeting" area appears.
  6. Under "Select an ad group," click the drop-down menu to select the ad group to which you want to apply the combination of lists.
  7. Click the Custom combinations link.
  8. Click the +New custom combination button. The "New custom combination" panel appears.
  9. Enter a Combination name and optional Description.
  10. In the Users included or interested in... area, use the drop-down lists to select your combinations. Here are the options you can choose from in the first drop-down menu:
    • all these audiences (AND relationship)
    • one or more of these audiences (OR relationship)
    • none of these audiences (NOT relationship)

    Then, select the audiences from the second drop-down menu. These are the options you'll find:

    • Remarketing lists
    • Custom combinations

    You can select multiple audiences, and multiple lists within each audience by clicking the add link next to each option.

    Once you've selected options from the two menus, you've created a custom combination. For example, if you've already created Sports page and Financial page remarketing lists, you could create a combination like this: People who are interested in both Sports and Financial pages.

  11. If you want to build another set of conditions, click the Add another link. You can then create another combination.
  12. Repeat steps 11 and 12 until your combination is complete.
  13. Click Save and continue.
  14. Click Save.

You can choose how to combine lists based on your preferences. For example, you can select five lists in an AND relationship by either selecting the "all these audiences" option from the drop-down menu and adding five lists, or by clicking the Add another link and adding five lists in five separate lines. When you create a custom combination, membership durations remain intact for each remarketing list that's part of the combination. Note that the number of cookies in your custom combination is updated every few hours.


You can nest custom combinations. Existing lists are displayed in the drop-down menu of the Users included or interested in... area. Simply select them as part of the new combination list. For example, if you're a travel advertiser, you may have a remarketing list for individual countries in the Caribbean, then create a custom combination for Caribbean, and use that as a component of another custom combination representing "beach vacations."

When you create a combination of remarketing lists, membership durations remain intact for each list that's part of the combination.

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