Set up a preferred deal

  1. Update your bidder. To participate in Preferred Deals inventory, changes to your bidder are required. There is an additional field that has been added to the protocol. The changes are easy to make and will allow easy identification of Preferred Deals. The field indicates the preferred deal price. The "Deal ID" maps to all the specifics of a Preferred Deal or private auction.

       // The preferred deal CPM that applies to your account for this adslot.  To be
         // considered, you must bid at least the value of fixed_cpm_micros, and if
         // you win, you will always be charged fixed_cpm_micros.  The value is in
         // micros of your account currency.  For example, if the fixed cpm is
         // 1290000 (1.29 in your account currency), you need to bid at least this
         // amount to be considered for this request.  If you win, you will be
         // charged a CPM of 1.29 in your account currency.
         optional int64 fixed_cpm_micros = 4;

    In addition to the fixed_cpm_micros field, there are existing seller_network and url fields in the BidRequest that identify the Ad Exchange publisher and inventory for your Preferred Deal.

  2. Consider important information such as CPM, Inventory, and Targeting when you negotiate a deal.

  3. Create your campaign with your desired settings.

    You can also use an existing campaign as long as it is targeting correctly, and your bidder can take care of the bidding logic when it sees the fixed_cpm_micros field equal > 0. But for reporting purposes, we suggest you implement a new campaign.
  4. When creating your ad group, follow these guidelines:

    Make sure that you are not excluding any sites, categories or topics in your ad group or campaign. This could cause one or more of the sites to be blocked.
    • Set your max CPM bid to at least the agreed upon price.
    • Target the exact domains provided to you by the seller.
    • Create your ads using the agreed upon destination URLs and ad technologies. Remember to check off the corresponding box if you are using remarketing lists or collecting data.
  5. Once your campaign is live and all ads have been approved, notify the seller so they can approve your creatives in their Creative review.

  6. Once the seller has confirmed approval, you should see impressions running on the seller’s sites within 24 hours, assuming that your campaign is live and all ads have been reviewed and approved.

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