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Flash deprecation

Starting July 3, 2017 AdX and DFP Publishers are migrating to HTML5 (both the SDK and VPAID Adapters) which will significantly impact the number of video callouts that accept flash. Video buyers mut be prepared with creatives that have HTML5 media in their VAST snippet. Learn more


Interface updates

VAST Metrics & Errors in QT launched to GA
Several new metrics for VAST ads have been added to the Query Tool in the AdX Buyside UI.Learn more


Real-time bidding updates

Bid Data Sharing
Enabling the bid data sharing feature in the Ad Exchange buy-side user interface allows you to receive useful bid data from other participating buyers for certain features (such as feedback on lost bids). Additionally, your bid data is shared with publishers in the form of a "Bid Landscape" report.

From March 17, 2017 onwards, if you have enabled the bid data sharing feature, we will provide publishers access, initially via our Data Transfer service, to query-level bid data, which provides them with more useful insight into the value of their advertising inventory on Ad Exchange. For example, a publisher may be able to see every bid submitted on their inventory via our sell-side data transfer files. You can enable or disable* this functionality at any time in the buy-side user interface. Learn more

In_feed signal
Added this new in_feed value to the placement field in the video message within the bid request which identifies if the video impression is for an in-feed video unit.



Training updates

Boost user engagement with native ads
Take the new course "Boost user engagement with native ads" to learn how you can use native ads to reach users across multiple screens and formats. Learn more

Recording - What's new with Ad Exchange and Policy? 3/21
Watch a recording from our event on March 21, 2017 to learn about the latest Ad Exchange features including bid data sharing and new video signals. We also covered important updates to Ad Exchange policy including limited resource usage. Learn more


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