Updates and announcements for April 30, 2016


Interface updates

Real-time bidding updates

Additional updates

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We've added two new videos to the "Making deals easy" series, showing best practices in setting up and troubleshooting deals.

Best practices for setting up deals

Set up your deals the right way so you’re fully equipped and ready to transact.

Best practices for setting up deals (04:30)

Troubleshooting when deals fail to transact

Learn a few handy tips to help you keep your deal running.

Troubleshooting when deals fail to transact (04:32)

Interface updates

More inventory now available to Private Auctions

Publishers can now allow select Open Auction bids to compete with Private Auctions. This gives buyers more access to inventory via the Open Auction.

Learn more about Open Auctions

Discoverable Private Auctions

Ad Exchange publishers can now allow Ad Exchange buyers to request an invitation to participate in an existing Private Auction. Ad Exchange buyers can find these Discoverable Private Auctions within the Marketplace results and submit a request that the publisher add them to the Private Auction.

Real-time bidding updates

New user identifiers in bid requests

We now pass user identifiers for Roku- and Apple TV-based Connected TV inventory (RIDA and tvOS IDFA, respectively) via the advertising_id field in the bid request.

Vendor 113 removed from allowed allowed vendors list

We've removed vendor 113 (Image & Flash) from the list of vendor technologies that publishers can opt in to allow on their inventory. This was a generic vendor technology that didn't actually apply to any specific vendor or technology type. All publishers now accept vendor 113 across their inventory by default, but bidders should update their bidder behavior to not require that vendor 113 be included in the list of allowed vendors passed through the bid request.

See the release notes

Additional updates

Removed VAST (in-stream video) vendors from the declarable lists

These vendors are now allowed without declaration. Since publishers do not have the ability to opt into or block them, we also no longer send them in the allowed_vendors field in bid requests.

See the list of certified vendors for more details.

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