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Flash deprecation

Starting July 3, 2017 AdX and DFP Publishers are migrating to HTML5 (both the SDK and VPAID Adapters) which will significantly impact the number of video callouts that accept flash. Video buyers mut be prepared with creatives that have HTML5 media in their VAST snippet. Learn more


Real-time bidding updates

OpenRTB improvements
We launched new improvements for our OpenRTB support and have updated the OpenRTB Developers Guide, including new additions for OpenRTB 2.5, and clearer indications of which fields are supported. The latest release notes can be found here.

AMP Ads beta
As the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project continues to gain significant adoption on the publisher side, and shown great results, Google has started developing the end-to-end workflow to allow buyers to use AMP Ads in real-time bidding. AdX aims to start beta testing AMP ads via RTB in early Q3 and are looking for buyers who are interested in AMP Ads. Review the RTB specs here and reach out to your account team if you are interested in this beta opportunity.


Policy updates

Delayed Close for Mobile App Interstitial Ads
For any ad that is serving on a mobile app interstitial impression that does not allow video, AdX will ignore any MRAID functionality that delays showing the close-out button (“useCustomClose”) and will instead immediately add a close-out button to the ad. This removes any delayed close functionality in ads so that users have the ability to close out of the ad immediately if they want to (only on app interstitial impressions that don't allow VAST). We make this change automatically, so buyers don't have to do anything.


Training updates

Dig into programmatic and Ad Exchange
Learn how to find publishers, set up programmatic deals, get reporting insights, and optimize campaigns. Learn more

Dig into ad formats on Ad Exchange
Get an in-depth understanding of the ad formats that you can reach programmatically, across all screens, with Ad Exchange. Learn more


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