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Flash deprecation

Flash video ads can no longer run through DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, DoubleClick for Publishers, or AdWords. Additionally, our Active View and Verification tools for video no longer use Flash. Learn more

Playable Ads policy (coming in September)

In order to help you provide a quality user experience and deliver attractive, professional looking ads, we only allow promotions that comply with specific requirements for each ad. As such, we have updated our format-specific policy requirements for playable ads, a type of mobile rich media ad (MRAID) format. This updates brings Ad Exchange policies and enforcement in line with Google AdWords Advertising Policies, and we will start disapproving non-compliant ads in September.

Specifically, the requirements that may be applicable to your ads are:

  1. Unclear Content: The ad should prompt the user with the expected action where it could be confusing or ambiguous
  2. Unidentified Business: The ad should clearly show the app name throughout the mini-game.
  3. Destination Experience/Navigation:
    • The ad must allow the user to navigate to the Install page at anytime during the mini-game (e.g. skip, separate install/download button etc)
    • The ad must allow the user to close/exit the ad after a maximum of 5 seconds after the ad starts.



Interface updates

RTB Breakout in Real-time
Real-time data in RTB breakout is now available to all buyers. This update will help you measure the impact of changes without any delay! Real-time breakout works with all the filters available in the regular RTB breakout version except view metrics. Real-time RTB breakout data is not available to users access the AdX UI through client access.

Creative Preview Service
We launched a new UI on August 21 for the app creative preview console in the AdX UI, that allows Buyers to push their creatives to the creative preview app and test the rendering on specific sites and devices. This new UI can help preview creatives before the start of a campaign but also to troubleshoot creatives with low-performance. Learn more

Real-time bidding updates

AdX has updated the playback_method field to be more inline with industry standards. Industry standard is that if a user clicks on a web link expecting that when the page loads a content video will play, that should be considered click_to_play. As a result, our instream and rewarded inventory will be classified as click_to_play moving forward.


Muted Mobile Interstitials
AdX has launched support for muted mobile video interstitials. AdX now allows inventory that is sound on or sound off for interstitials based on what the publisher considers more appropriate for the user. It also respects the user choice on whether they have sound on/off on their mobile device.

Training updates

Choose the right supply-side platform
Get guidance on how to evaluate new supply-side platforms. Whether you manage a brand, buy programmatic media, evaluate your media supply chain, or participate in the request-for-proposal process, our new course "Choose the right supply-side platform" will give you guidance on key questions to ask prospective SSPs around inventory, transactions, transparency, controls, support, and more. Learn more


Additional updates

Dynamically changing required / recommended fields for Native
When a field is not actually required by the publisher, we will no longer indicate it's required in the request.

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