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Required deal ID

Beginning September 2015, all bid responses for Preferred Deals or Private Auctions must include a deal ID. Bid responses without a declared deal ID will only be considered for the Open Auction. Learn more

Custom inventory sizes

Ad Exchange publishers now have the ability to create ad slots of any size, and allow a variety of creative sizes to serve. You can receive bid requests for this custom size inventory by targeting all creative sizes in your pretargeting configuration. Learn more

UI updates

Billing and account settings

If you have admin access to your Ad Exchange account, you now have access to the new billing and account settings sections, which allow you to manage your billing and account information, see a detailed view of your transactions, and view your invoices.

Learn more about the billing and account settings sections.

Real-time bidding updates

MRAID certification no longer required

The certification requirement for MRAID has been removed. You can bid on any request with an MRAID creative as long as the bid request does not specifically exclude the MRAID creative attribute MraidType: Mraid 1.0. You should continue to declare the use of MRAID as a creative attribute in your bid response. Learn more

FLV asset no longer required for in-stream (VAST)

The FLV video asset is no longer required for in-stream video ad units (VAST). The new specification requires only two video formats: MP4 and WebM. Other formats, including FLV, may be included but might not be used. Learn more

Publisher block override for deals

Publishers can override the blocks they've set up on their inventory for individual preferred deals or private auctions. The block override feature now defaults to ON for new preferred deals.

If your bidder reads blocking information to determine whether to bid or what creative to use, it should also read the block override state and determine if the blocks can be ignored. Learn more

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR)

You can now use the JavaScript version of the Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) tag on Ad Exchange publisher inventory, if the publisher allows the use of the Nielsen DAR JS vendor -- this excludes YouTube and GDN inventory. To declare the use of the JavaScript version in your response, use the vendor ID 615. Learn more

Updated bid filter: OUTPLACED

Publisher ad servers may provide ad prices that compete with your bids in the auction. The creative status code 79 Creative was outbid now includes cases where your bid is lower than such a price. Learn more

Additional announcements

Upcoming change to autoplay Flash creatives in Chrome

Beginning September 2015, Chrome will roll out a new feature that pauses any peripheral plugin content that is not part of the main webpage. After this change, auto-play Flash creatives will appear in a paused state and will not animate until a user clicks on the player. Users will need to click Flash creatives a second time before they are redirected to the advertiser’s landing page. This will affect most standard-sized Flash creatives within the Chrome browser. Learn more

Change to click behavior for in-stream ads on YouTube

YouTube updated the click behavior of all in-stream ads served on its inventory so that only clicking on the "Visit Advertiser’s Site" section of the ad will take the user to the advertiser’s landing page. Clicking anywhere else on the video player will pause playback.


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