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Target placements

This article refers to the legacy version of the Ad Exchange interface.*

Beginning early 2016, the legacy interface will be deprecated and all non-RTB campaigns created in this platform will be turned off. If you're already using the new interface, you can find most of the new processes in the following:

Pretargeting: create and define pretargeting configurations
Hosted bidding: build and maintain campaigns
Query Tool: create queries and run reports

* If you are not already using the new interface, contact your account team.

To add placement targeting to an ad group:

  1. Sign in to your DoubleClick Ad Exchange account at
  2. Click the Campaigns tab.
  3. On the All online campaigns page, navigate to the ad group to which you want to add targeting.
  4. Click the Display Network tab, then click the Change display targeting button.
  5. In the "Display Network: managed placements" section, you have the following options:
    • Enter a word, phrase or website name, and click Search. You can then click the add link associated with any results you want to target.
    • Click Add multiple placements at once and directly enter the URLs for websites, one per line. When you're done, click Add.
    • Click the Try the placement tool link to find available placements that might be a good match for your ads.
    When you search for placements or use the Placement tool, the results may not show all sub-domains that may be available. If you target a domain that shows in the results, your ads may show on that domain and/or its sub-domains.
  6. When you've added all the placements you'd like to target, click Save.
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