Real-time bidder protocol

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The following is an overview of the Real-time bidder protocol:

  1. Processing the request
    Google sends a request to the client bidding application that describes an impression being auctioned. You'll need to implement code that interprets Google's request. After sending a request for a bid, Google will wait a fixed amount of time for a response. If nothing is received after that time, then the exchange will proceed with the auction using only bids that it has received.

  2. Building the response
    The client bidding application sends a response to Google that describes the bid, and includes an HTML snippet for the associated creative. Optionally, the client application can include one or more macros in the HTML snippet that Google will replace with appropriate values that can be used to customize how the creative is rendered. Alternatively, such customizations can be done in the HTML snippet that is returned without having to use macros. You'll need to implement code that creates and returns the response.

  3. Testing and releasing your application
    Once your application is complete, you'll need to test your application in-house, then send it to Google to undergo a suite of standardized tests. You can release your application once it has passed all tests.

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