Create a third-party display ad

To create a third-party display ad:

  1. Click the Campaigns tab.
  2. On the All online campaigns page, navigate to and click the ad group that will contain your new ad.
  3. In the Ads tab, click the New ad drop-down and select Third party ad.
  4. Select the Traditional display ad type.
  5. Enter the ad's snippet in the HTML text box.
  6. Give the ad a descriptive Ad name
  7. Enter at least one Destination URL. To add multiple URLs, separate each URL with a new line (hard return).
  8. Select a pre-set Ad size from the drop-down list.
  9. In the Ad technology box, select one or more ad technologies that apply to the creative. (Learn more about ad technologies.)
    Select Image & Flash if:
    • no other ad technologies apply, or
    • your own certified technology is not in the box.
  10. For ads that employ video, select the applicable players in the Video section.
  11. Select Tagging properties to declare whether your ad uses re-marketing lists or interest-based categories.
  12. Click Save ad.
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