Unsupported features

Ad Exchange's buy-side user interface uses Google AdWords as its basis. This means that some of the features you'll see in the UI are not supported by Ad Exchange back-end functionality or use cases. The UI might allow you to enter information and even submit ads, but your ads will not run if you use features that are not supported by Ad Exchange. Please know that we're always working to improve the Ad Exchange interface and reduce the number of unsupported features.


You can use contextual targeting for your campaigns in the form of category targeting. However, you should not use keyword targeting, as this feature is not supported by Ad Exchange.

  • The Keyword Planner tool is not supported.
  • Report types that include metrics on keywords or search query performance don't apply to Ad Exchange.

Ad types

You can create image and third-party ads in Ad Exchange. When creating an image ad, the Display URL field is non-functional in Ad Exchange.

Ad Exchange buyers tend to set up campaigns for many different advertisers in a single account. So although a visit might be recorded as a conversion, it's possible a conversion that results from one ad view or click won't be attributed to the proper campaign.
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