Create a campaign

The process to create a campaign consists of three steps: (1) creating a campaign, (2) creating an ad group and targeting the ad group, then (3) creating an ad.

1. Create a campaign.

  1. Click the Campaigns tab.
  2. On the All online campaigns page, click the +New campaign button.
  3. Copy settings from an existing campaign or enter new settings:
    • Next to Load settings, click Existing campaigns and choose the desired campaign.
    • To enter new settings, follow the steps below.
  4. Enter a name for your campaign.
  5. In the Cost and delivery section, choose whether your campaign will use real-time bidding (RTB). If your campaign uses RTB, please refer to the instructions for creating an RTB campaign. Leave this set to Off if you plan to use static bidding set in your ad groups.
  6. Enter a daily Budget. While this is per day, note that it represents your average spend over the month.
  7. Specify your Delivery method: choose Standard (default) or Accelerated.
  8. In the Scheduling section, you can enter start and end dates, and change the schedule.
  9. In the Who should see my ad section, you can change locations and languages for your audience, and more.
    • Locations and Languages: The default is your location.
    • Devices: all available devices is recommended for new advertisers.
    • Frequency capping: choose to cap by ad group, ad, or this campaign.

Next, you'll create an ad group.

2. Create an ad group.

  1. Name your new ad group.
  2. Enter a default bid.

  3. You can create bids that override the default for specific placements.

  4. Target the ad group.
    • In the Sites and Placements section, enter placements or search for ideas.
    • In the Topics section, select topics (also called categories) or click the Add topics using codes link at the bottom of the picker to paste in category codes.
    • In the Audiences section, select existing remarketing lists that you want to target. (If you haven't created any yet, you'll see a message instead.)

Next, you'll create an ad.

You can only create one ad group while you are creating a campaign. You can create ad groups later, after you save the campaign.

3. Create an ad.

You can create image ads and third-party ads, or skip this step and save the campaign.

You can only create one ad while you are creating a campaign. You can also choose to create ads later, after you save the campaign.

Create a third-party ad
  1. Select the Third party ad tab under the Create ad now radio button.
  2. Select the Traditional display ad type.
  3. Enter the HTML snippet in the HTML text box.
  4. Give the ad a descriptive Ad name
  5. Enter at least one Destination URL. To add multiple URLs, separate each URL with a new line (hard return).
  6. Select a pre-set Ad size from the drop-down list.
  7. In the Ad technology box, select one or more ad technologies that apply to the creative. (Learn more about ad technologies.)
    Select Image & Flash if:
    • no other ad technologies apply, or
    • your own certified technology is not in the box.
  8. For ads that employ video, select the applicable players in the Video section.
  9. Select Tagging properties to declare whether your ad uses re-marketing lists or interest-based categories.
  10. Click Save ad.
Create an image ad
  1. Select the Image ad tab under the Create ad now radio button.
  2. Click Upload an ad and choose an image.
  3. Enter a name for the image ad.
  4. Enter a Display URL and Destination URL.
  5. Click Save.