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This article refers to the legacy version of the Ad Exchange interface.*

Beginning early 2016, the legacy interface will be deprecated and all non-RTB campaigns created in this platform will be turned off. If you're already using the new interface, you can find most of the new processes in the following:

Pretargeting: create and define pretargeting configurations
Hosted bidding: build and maintain campaigns
Query Tool: create queries and run reports

* If you are not already using the new interface, contact your account team.

This page explains how to create an expandable creative via the Ad Exchange UI. Learn how to serve expandable ads via RTB and make sure you're following the policies outlined there.
Expandable ads should be trafficked in their own ad group. Combining expandable ads with other kinds of ads can lead to a loss of traffic for the entire ad group.

With the use of approved third-party vendors, you can create third party ads that serve expandable creatives. These vendors must be explicitly declared from the Ad technology selection box in the user interface.

Create an expandable creative

  1. Click the Campaigns tab. 
  2. Navigate and click the ad group that will contain your new ad.
  3. In the Ads tab, click the "+AD" drop-down and select Third party ad.
  4. Select the Traditional display ad type.
  5. Enter the ad's snippet in the HTML text box.
  6. Give the ad a descriptive Ad name
  7. Enter at least one Destination URL. To add multiple URLs, separate each URL with a new line (hard return).
  8. In the "Ad technology" selection box, select the appropriate expandable vendors (e.g., DoubleClick Rich Media - Expandable Unit).
  9. Choose whether the ad expands when a user clicks the ad or hovers over the ad.
  10. Select all expandable directions that apply to the ad unit.
  11. Specify any additional properties as usual.
  12. Click Save ad.

Preview an expandable creative

  1. In the Ads tab, click the ad's name.
  2. Click the Preview Expandable ad link in the dialog box.
  3. In the preview window, you have the option to:
    • Change the Direction: click the drop-down to position the ad based on the expandable direction.
    • Select a Tag type: choose JavaScript or iframe.
To find out which vendors are certified for expandable creatives, visit Declaring 3rd- and 4th-party vendors in the Ad Exchange and search in the table for "expandable."
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