Set up private ad units

Private ad units allow sellers to make branded inventory available to specific buyers at specific prices. Prices are negotiated directly between the seller and the buyer, and then account settings ensure the correct buyers are able to access inventory at a certain price. Buyers then simply target the site normally, and if the price clears the minimum, it transacts. In their communications with buyers, sellers need to account for revenue share when informing buyers what their maximum bids should be.

Seller setup

The setup for private ad units is entirely seller driven. If you’re a seller, follow these instructions to set up private ad units.
For additional guidance, please download the sellers' checklist for setting up private ad units (PDF).
  1. From the My ads tab, select the ad unit, or create a new ad unit.
  2. Open the Filters page:
    • For existing ad units, click the Filters link next to the ad unit name.
    • If you’re creating a new ad unit, in the "Ad filters" area, select Use custom filter settings, then click Save and continue.
  3. Select the Make this a private ad unit checkbox. This allows any of your selected (set to allowed in this section) buyers to bid on this ad unit, regardless of your account settings. It also blocks any new buyers added to Ad Exchange from bidding on the ad unit. If needed, you can always allow them on a per buyer basis.
    If you are setting up a Preferred Deal and need to block more than 50% of all networks, use private ad units to control which buyers you want to bid on the ad unit.
  4. Allow buyers to which you want to offer the ad unit privately. If the ad unit is offered as both branded and anonymous, blocking a buyer blocks it from bidding on both the anonymous and branded version of the ad unit.
  5. For each allowed buyer, click Set up min CPM and enter the amount that buyer must bid in order to participate in the auction for the ad unit, then click Save. If the ad unit is offered as both branded and anonymous, the minimum applies to the branded version only; the anonymous version is offered at the anonymous min CPM you set for the ad unit.

  6. Provide buyers with the information they need to successfully traffic their ads to your private ad unit:
    • Exact site name and URL to target
    • Price to bid (this should account for revenue share)
    • Technologies or vendors not to use
    • A link to the buyers’ checklist:

Buyer setup

Buyers target the site as normal, and if they are allowed and meet the min CPM set in the system, their bid will transact. If they meet the min CPM for the anonymous version of the ad unit, but not the min CPM declared in the per-buyer minimum prices field, they transact on the anonymous version of the inventory.

For additional guidance with setting up private ad units, please download the buyers' checklist (PDF).