Campaign reports

This article refers to the legacy version of the Ad Exchange interface.*

Beginning early 2016, the legacy interface will be deprecated and all non-RTB campaigns created in this platform will be turned off. If you're already using the new interface, you can find most of the new processes in the following:

Pretargeting: create and define pretargeting configurations
Hosted bidding: build and maintain campaigns
Query Tool: create queries and run reports

* If you are not already using the new interface, contact your account team.

You can monitor and download reports about your campaigns' performance all in the same place -- on the Campaigns tab. Follow these steps:

  1. In Ad Exchange, click the Campaigns tab.
  2. Your report will contain the columns displayed in the table, along with any segments or filters that have been applied. For example, to pick specific campaigns for your report, set up a "Campaigns" filter.
  3. Click download button in the toolbar above the table to open the download panel.
  4. In the download panel, name your report.
  5. Segments that you've applied to the data in the table show up in your report as columns. If you'd like to include more segments in your report, click Add segment and select a segment from the menu. For example, you can add "Device" and "Day of week" segments to understand the days when your customers are more likely to see your ad on their mobile devices.
  6. Use the "Format" menu to select the filetype for your report. Learn about report formats
  7. To email the report or schedule recurring downloads of the report, click the Email and schedule report link. Select the recipients for the report and how frequently you'd like to generate the report.

One-time reports will download immediately. All your reports are saved in the Control panel and library for future access. To access them, click the Control panel and library link in the Campaigns tab.

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