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Review extension requirements

Review extensions will no longer show with ads starting January 2018.
In February 2018, review extensions will be deleted along with their performance data. To save this data, download an extensions report by going to Extensions on the Ads & extensions page in AdWords. If you’d like to continue showing more information with your ads, we recommend using sitelinks, callouts, and structured snippets extensions.
Review extensions display a third-party review of your business with a regular ad. Review extensions are subject to the standard AdWords policies and the requirements below.

Inaccurate review

The following is not allowed:

Extension text that inaccurately paraphrases the review source

Note: Extension text can paraphrase the review, but it must reflect the tone, content, and verdict of the original review source.

Quoted text that does not appear in the original review source

Quoted text that does not use ellipses (...) to indicate omitted words or phrases

Extension text that cites an award but does not specify the time period of the award

Outdated review

The following is not allowed:

Reviews that are older than 12 months

Unacceptable review source

The following is not allowed:

Links to a second-hand, excerpted, or republished version of the review instead of the original review source

Individual customer reviews or testimonials

Aggregate reviews and rankings from user review websites

Press releases created by the advertiser

Note: This policy applies even if the press release has been distributed or published by a separate site or service.

Paid endorsements

Reviews that are behind a paywall, require viewers to sign into an account, or are not accessible to the public

Review source published in a language that doesn't match the language of the extension

Unacceptable review format

The following is not allowed:

Reviews that do not appear in text on a website

Examples: Video reviews, audio podcasts, PDFs

Insubstantial review

The following is not allowed:

Reviews that simply describe a business, product, or service without including praise, highlights, awards, or opinions

Reviews of particular locations, stores, or franchises

Related policies and common disapprovals

The following AdWords policies are especially relevant to review extensions and are often associated with disapprovals. Learn about what happens if you violate our policies.

Destination experience

The websites and apps that ads link to must provide a positive user experience. For more information, see the Destination experience policy. Note that review links can't initiate a download.


To maintain a professional appearance in ads, we don’t allow excessive or gimmicky repetition of words or phrases. See the Repetition policy for more information. For review extensions, this means that the review can’t repeat text from the ad and can’t repeat the source’s or advertiser’s name.

Unsupported language

All ads and extensions must be written in a supported language and link to a destination in a supported language. See the Unsupported language policy for more information. Note that review extensions have a shorter list of languages than regular ads.
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