Implied affiliation

What's the policy?

Google AdWords doesn't allow ads that imply an affiliation, partnership, or any special relationship with Google without explicit authorization from Google. Additionally, ads can't imply an affiliation, partnership, or any special relationship with any unrelated third party.

Ads and sites can't contain language that's likely to cause confusion about the association between your services and another company's services. Implying affiliation with another company may include using their trademark or logo in your ad text or on your landing page. Additionally, Google doesn't allow the use of unrelated registered business names in your ad title.

We've created this policy to help users know when a product or service is truly affiliated with another company.

How can I complain about a misleading or deceptive ad title?

Google takes allegations of misleading or deceptive ad titles seriously. We investigate matters raised by business name owners that claim that their business name has been used in an ad title to mislead users about the business being advertised in the advertisement. Different parties may use the same business names in different regions or different industries. When investigating complaints, Google will ask the business name owner to identify the region where they obtained the business name registration and provide information about its goods or services, as well as confirm if the advertiser is affiliated with the business in any way or authorized to use the business name.

About our complaint process:

  • The business name owner doesn't need to be a Google AdWords advertiser in order to send a complaint.
  • The investigation will only affect the title, or first line, of ads served on or by Google.
  • This policy doesn't apply to search results. Our investigations only apply to the title, or first line, of sponsored links. For concerns about websites that appear in Google search results, the business name owner should contact the site owner directly.
  • Because Google isn't a third-party arbiter, we encourage business name owners to resolve their disputes directly with the advertiser, particularly because the advertiser may also have similar ads running on other advertising programs.

To submit a complaint about the deceptive use of a business name in an ad title, please fill out our complaint form.


Example ad Acceptable? Reason
Google Certified Partner
Let us manage your
AdWords account.
Acceptable Google Certified Partners (GCP) and Authorized Analytics Consultants are allowed to serve ads with the Google trademark.
Looking to Trade?
Let us teach you
All about GOOG stock.
Acceptable The term "GOOG" is referring to the GOOG stock ticker and is correctly stated in all capital letters.
Gmail Deals
Purchase Gmail accounts
Special Google prices!
Not acceptable The trademarked terms "Gmail" and "Google" are being used in the ad text without explicit authorization from Google. Additionally, the sale of Gmail accounts isn't allowed.
Funny Cat Vids
Crazy cat videos
Recommended by Google
Not acceptable The ad text makes claims that Google recommends or endorses the site being promoted without explicit authorization from Google.
Looking to Trade?
Learn more about
The goog. Buy now.
Not acceptable The term "goog" must refer to the GOOG stock ticker, and must be shown in all caps if referring to the GOOG stock ticker.
John's Shoe Shop
Buy shoes at our shop
We have great deals
Not acceptable This ad wouldn't be allowed if it was used by a business that wasn't affiliated with John's Shoe Shop.
Cheap Flights
Get cheap flights
Weekly summer specials
Acceptable The ad is using descriptive terms in its title and doesn't imply affiliation with another business.

What can I do if my ad gets disapproved?

If your ad gets disapproved for violating this policy, try reviewing the following tips to help resolve your issue:

Disapproval reason What does it mean? What do I do now?
Capitalization The term "goog" is being used improperly when referring to the GOOG stock ticker. Replace "goog" with "GOOG" in your ad text.
Google trademark issues Your ad text is implying an affiliation with Google. Edit your ad text by removing any implied affiliation with Google.

How do I resubmit my ad for review?

If your ad gets disapproved, you can resubmit your ad for review by simply editing your ad and then saving it. To avoid getting disapproved again, make sure you remove any references to the unacceptable content before saving your ad.

Here's how to edit your ad:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Go to your Campaigns tab and then click the Ads tab.
  3. Place your mouse pointer over the table row that lists the ad you want to edit. Click on the pencil icon next to your ad, and you'll be able to edit your ad right there.
  4. Click Save when you're done editing your ad.

After editing and saving your ad, the Status column will change to reflect its current status – it'll change from "Disapproved" to "Under review" or "Eligible." We work to review all ads in our program as quickly as possible, usually within 1 to 3 business days.

What happens if I violate this policy?

  • Ad disapproval: Ads that don't follow this policy may get disapproved. A disapproved ad won't be able to run until the policy violation is fixed and the ad is approved.
  • Domain disabling: We may suspend websites that violate this policy, meaning that the website can no longer be advertised with AdWords until the problem is fixed.
  • Account suspension: An account may get suspended if you have several violations or a serious violation. If this happens, all ads in the suspended account will stop running, and we may no longer accept advertising from you. Any related accounts may also get permanently suspended and your new accounts may get automatically suspended at setup. Learn more about suspended accounts.

Contact information

If you still have questions about this policy, you can contact us via the link below. You'll be taken to our "Ad Approvals and Policies" form where you can write to us about your issue.

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