AdWords Policy Center

Welcome to the AdWords Policy Center. Here you'll find the requirements for advertising with Google AdWords. Our advertising requirements can be summed up by Google's Advertising Principles shown below. To promote a safe and positive experience for our users, each ad is reviewed based on these advertising principles.

User Experience
Advertising should provide a positive experience to users.
Safety and Security
Advertising should be safe for all users.
Accurate Ads
Advertising should be accurate and truthful.
Transparency and Privacy
Advertising shouldn't violate users' trust or privacy.
Restricted Products and Services
Advertised products and services should be legal and safe for all users.
Trademark, Copyright, and Counterfeit
Advertising should comply with laws and regulations.
Google's Brand
Advertising should be compatible with Google's brand decisions.

For past and upcoming policy changes, please see the AdWords Policy Change Log.

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Third Parties

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