Step-by-step guide to fixing a promotional code issue

If something’s going wrong with your promotional code, use this guide to figure out why. How can we help you?

  • I got a promotional code, but I don’t know how to enter it.
  • I got an error when I tried to enter the code.
  • I entered the code, but I'm not sure it worked.
  • I successfully entered the code, but I don't see the credit.
  • I don't want to enter my payment details before entering a promotional code.

Entering your promotional code takes just a few steps. Please choose one of the following:

  • I haven’t entered my billing information in my AdWords account yet.
  • I already entered my billing information in my AdWords account.

Please enter your promotional code again. Make sure that you include any capital letters and dashes. Did you reach the confirmation page?

  • Yes.
  • It still didn’t work - an error message appeared.

Have you met the requirements specified in your offer?

  • No, not yet.
  • I’m not sure.
  • Yes, I met the requirements.

Have five business days passed since your account met the requirements?

  • Yes.
  • No, not yet.