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AdWords and Home Service Ads Terms & Conditions Update 2017

We're always improving the AdWords and Home Service ads programs for our advertisers. As part of that, we've updated the contractual terms that govern the relationship between advertisers and Google.

What you need to do

To continue advertising with AdWords and Home Service ads, you’ll need to accept the updated terms. If you don’t accept the terms, your campaigns may be paused until you accept them. To keep your AdWords and Home Service ads running, we recommend reviewing and accepting the terms as soon as possible. You will have 45 days to review and accept the new terms. if you don’t want to accept the new terms, your ads will no longer be eligible to serve and you should contact the Home Service ads support team to close your account.

Where to find the new terms and how to accept them

Please carefully review the updated AdWords Terms and Conditions and the updated Home Service Ads Additional Terms.

Starting in mid-September 2017, you'll be prompted to accept these new terms in the Home Service app and your lead inbox on desktop.

Alternatively, if you also use AdWords to run other ad campaigns on Google, you can review and accept the new AdWords Terms and Conditions by signing into your AdWords account. Note that you’ll still need to accept the Home Service Ads Additional Terms via the Home Service app or lead inbox on desktop starting in mid-September 2017.

Keep in mind that if you do not accept the new terms, your ads will be ineligible to show.

What’s changed?

Google can’t interpret the new terms for you or provide an analysis of how the previous versions (listed below) compare to the new. There are quite a few changes, and as with any legal document, you might consider consulting an attorney if you have legal questions. The new terms include these key updates:

  • More flexibility to notify or inform advertisers by phone calls, text messages, and emails
  • New provisions related to how products and features are tested within AdWords
  • New provisions related to the disclosure of technical errors and bugs within AdWords
  • Arbitration provisions from the Home Service Ads Additional Terms are now part of the AdWords Terms and Conditions

What hasn't changed

Accepting the new terms does not change any of your ad or budget settings. As always, you’ll continue to control your settings in the Home Service app, your lead inbox on desktop, or, for other AdWords campaigns, the Campaign tab of your AdWords account.

Previous terms and conditions

2013 version of the AdWords Terms and Conditions (U.S.).
2015 version of the Home Service Ads Additional Terms (U.S.).
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