Check your account balance

You can monitor your AdWords Express account balance anytime you'd like.

Click the link below to see instructions.

How to check your account balance

  1. Sign into your AdWords Express account.
  2. Click the Menu button menu at the top.
  3. Click Billing.
  4. Click the Transaction history tab.
  5. Under "Current balance," you'll see a negative or positive balance.

    Here's what each means:

    • Negative numbers show account credit that'll be used for future advertising costs. If you're on automatic payments, you'll see a negative account balance only if you've decided to make a payment for more than your previous balance.
    • Positive numbers show the amount that you owe for ad activity you've already accrued. Sometimes a positive balance can appear in brackets in your AdWords Express account. If you're on automatic payments, your balance will usually be positive unless you've made a payment for more than your previous balance. It's not possible to have a positive balance if you're on manual payments.


If you get an SMS text message from Google (no. 51405), click the link or call the number provided to add budget to your account. To opt out of these text messages, reply STOP.

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