Print an invoice

You can print your AdWords Express invoices from a desktop computer. However, printing invoices from the AdWords Express mobile app isn't currently supported.

Click the instructions below to learn how to print an invoice.

How to print an invoice

  1. Sign into your AdWords Express account.
  2. Click the Menu button menu at the top.
  3. Click Billing.
  4. Click the Transaction history tab.
  5. Set the date range you want above the transactions table.
  6. Click the month you want an invoice for.
  7. Click the Documents row.
  8. Click the down arrow next to the invoice you want to download and click Download.
  9. Print the downloaded file.
  10. Repeat steps 5-9 to print invoices for other months.


  • An invoice for a specific month is available after the first day of the following month. For example, your April invoice will be ready in May.
  • Also, invoices aren't available if there are no payment requests.
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