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Invite an AdWords Express account to link to an AdWords manager account

This is the 1st step to linking an AdWords Express account to an AdWords manager account.

Invite an AdWords Express account to link to an AdWords manager account

  1. Make a note of the Customer ID number for the AdWords Express account you want to invite. The Customer ID appears in the settings menu () within AdWords Express.
  2. Sign in to your AdWords manager account.
  3. Click the Accounts tab.
  4. Click the Performance sub-tab.
  5. Click the + Account button.
  6. Choose Link existing accounts.
  7. Under "Customer IDs," enter the customer ID of the AdWords Express account.To link multiple accounts at once, enter 1 Customer ID for each line.
  8. Click Continue, add a name for the account (optional), and then click Request approval.

    The AdWords Express account will receive an account notification and email invitation to link to your account. Anyone with access to the invited account can accept your invitation by following the instructions below.

    During this process, you'll see a pending notification for the (soon-to-be) managed account in your manager account's "Pending invitations," which can be accessed from the side navigation. Once the invited account accepts your invitation, you'll receive an email confirmation and the account will be automatically linked to your manager account.

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