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Tips for creating successful ads

It's not easy fitting everything that you want to say about your business in just a few words. Start by taking a moment to consider what you’d like to highlight about your business in your ad. Then use the guidelines in this article to create an ad that's accurate, to-the-point and engaging – and hopefully reach new customers!

Highlight what makes your business, product or offer unique
Do you offer special menu items? A large selection of products? Tell people! Highlight features that make your business stand out from the competition.

Include prices, deals and exclusives
If you have something special to offer, make sure that your customers see it. People are usually searching to make a decision about something. Give them what they need to help make their decision.

Tell your customers what they can do
Are you selling? Tell them that they can buy. Are you offering? They want to receive. Strong verbs like Call today, Purchase or Make an appointment tell your customers what they can expect to do when they see your ad.

Include relevant search phrases in your ad text
This can catch the attention of the people who searched for words related to your business, and it shows that your ad is related to what they want.

Match your ad to your website
Make sure that the promotions or products in your ad are also mentioned on your website. If visitors don't find what they expect to see when they reach your site, they may leave.

Keep it professional
Polish up your ads by double-checking your spelling and grammar. Fill in both description lines, and try capitalising the first letter of each word in your headline to draw attention to your ad.

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