Understanding verified calls

Do you often ask your customers, “How did you hear about us?” With AdWords Express, you can already see how often customers visit your website from clicks on your ads. But we understand that for some businesses, phone calls can be even more valuable than website visits. Until now, our advertisers haven’t had a simple way to see how many phone calls they’ve received from their AdWords Express ad. With verified calls, you can do just that.

How verified calls works

Verified calls give you a better idea of your advertising impact, by showing you the number of calls that you receive from your AdWords Express ad, along with your clicks.

When your AdWords Express ad appears on Google, we will assign and display a unique Google forwarding number in your ads. This phone number will be displayed in your ad instead of your actual business phone number, and calls to this phone number will be forwarded to your actual business phone number. When you get a call from your ad, you’ll hear the following message: “Google Ads customer call.” That way, you’ll know which customers your ad is bringing in.

Call reporting

The Google forwarding phone number can appear in ads on either the desktop or mobile versions of Google search. Verified calls don’t work with ads that appear on Google Maps, and your business phone number won't change in Google Maps ads.

Note that verified calls don’t change how often your ad is served or the order that your ad appears on Google.

Where it's available

Call reporting is currently available in Australia, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, the UK, and the U.S.


Verified calls are now free for all AdWords Express customers.

  • Mobile ads: If a customer clicks the phone number in your ad on her mobile device, you’ll be charged for a click regardless of whether you’ve enabled verified calls. There’s no additional charge for the call.
  • Manually dialed calls: If a customer dials the phone number in your desktops ads, the call will be reported for free. If you receive a click elsewhere on the ad, you'll still be charged for a click.

Benefits of verified calls

Verified calls can be effective if you want to know how often your customers are reaching you by phone after seeing your ad. By providing you with additional details about how customers interact with your ad, you can get a more complete picture of the value that AdWords Express brings to your business.


Joe has an auto repair shop. He currently spends $100 a month on his AdWords Express ad and has received about 50 clicks each month. However, he’s not sure how many people are calling his business instead of clicking his ad. Joe sets up verified calls, and finds out that he’s received 50 calls from his AdWords Express ad in the last month.

Joe decides that with the amount of clicks AND calls he gets from AdWords Express, his ads are worthwhile for his business.

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