Edit your budget

  • Set a monthly budget for your ads, with the flexibility to change it at any time.
  • Choose a budget based on your advertising goals and the amount you're comfortable spending.

How to edit your budget

At some point, you may want to increase or decrease your budget. You can change your average budget or monthly budget at any time and as many times as you like.

  1. Open the AdWords Express app for Android.
  2. Tap the Menu button menu at the top.
  3. Make sure the business you're looking for appears at the top of the "My business" drop-down menu. If not, tap the name of the business, and then tap the Menu button menu again at the top.
  4. Tap an ad, and then tap Dashboard.
  5. Scroll the page down. Tap Edit in the "Budget card.
  6. Edit as needed.
  7. Tap Save.

How budgets work

It's important to choose a budget that you're comfortable with. AdWords Express will use that budget to help you get the most high-quality clicks possible.

How your budget is calculated and allocated per month

With AdWords Express, you set a maximum monthly budget. If you set an average daily budget, we'll multiply it by 30.4, the average number of days in the month to come up with your maximum monthly budget:

Average daily budget × 30.4 = Maximum monthly budget

Your average daily budget is the average amount you could spend each day. The actual amount that your ad spends can vary depending on how popular the ad is each day. But, don't worry—the total amount that you spend in a month won't exceed your maximum monthly budget.

If you receive fewer clicks than you've budgeted for, then you'll only be charged for the clicks you received. For example, if you set a maximum monthly budget of $50, but you receive only $13 of clicks, you'll be charged only $13.

What happens if you change your budget

If you increase your budget in the middle of a billing period, the maximum amount that you'll be charged for that month will be:

Your new average daily budget X the number of days remaining in the month


If you set your new average daily budget to $10 on January 11, you'll spend a maximum of $220 for the remaining 22 days of January.

Keep in mind

Your maximum monthly budget for February and the rest of the calendar year will be different from your January budget.

Recommended budgets

When you create your AdWords Express ad, we'll recommend budgets based on the average click volume for your business type and your location. But of course, you can always specify your own budget.


When you enter your budget in AdWords Express, the budget slider will show your monthly budget to the nearest round number.

You can also try the AdWords Express budgeting tool to see recommended budgets for your location and the type of product or service your business offers.

Budgeting for multiple ads and locations

Here are a few things to keep in mind when setting your budget for multiple ads or locations:

Multiple ads

If you decide to run multiple ads for your business, each ad has its own budget. Together, the budget for each ad will add up to your total AdWords Express budget.


Jack owns a musical instrument store and decides he wants to advertise both the piano and the guitar departments. He creates a piano ad with a $30 daily budget and a guitar adwith a $20 daily budget. Assuming his budgets don't change, Jack's total average daily budget will be up to $50 ($30 + $20).

Multiple locations

If you are advertising multiple businesses or business locations on AdWords Express, you'll set a separate budget for each ad that you create.


Sarah owns three pet stores in Oklahoma. She creates separate ads for each store, each with an average daily budget of $30. Assuming her budgets don't change, Sarah's total average daily budget will be up to $90 (3 X $30).

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