Manual payments

Manual payments unavailable in some countries

The option to sign up for or switch to manual payments is now no longer available for AdWords Express advertisers in the U.S., UK, Italy, Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, and New Zealand.

Manual payments is a payment setting in AdWords Express that allows you to make payments before your ads run. When you make a manual payment, your ads will run immediately after we receive your payment. You’ll accrue costs that are deducted from your manual payments.

How manual payments work

With manual payments (also known as prepay billing), you make a payment in advance for your ads. As long as you've got money in your account to pay for your ads, your ads will run. Just don't forget to replenish your account! To help, we'll send you an email when the money in your account gets low (about a week's worth of your budget), and again when it's gone.

You can make a manual payment at any time -- even if you're using the automatic payment setting (which lets you pay after your ads run and you accrue costs). Just sign in to your AdWords Express account, click the Billing tab, and click the Make a payment button.


You may want to consider automatic payments for your account, since you don't have to remember to add money to your account.

Payment methods you can use with manual payments

With the manual payment setting, you can use these payment methods: credit and debit cards, bank transfer, and bank account (direct debit). Here's how these payment methods work when making manual payments:

  • Credit and debit card
    Make a payment with your credit or debit card. We'll charge your card for the amount you choose, and your account balance will update in about two to three hours. Your ads run almost immediately.
  • Bank transfer
    You'll transfer money to Google's bank account. We'll process your payment within about three days. Depending on your country and the bank you use, it can take up to 10 business days. Your ads run once your payment is processed.
  • Bank account (also known as direct debit)
    To make sure money is coming from the correct account, you'll first verify a test deposit. It can take up to five days for this to appear in your account. Your ads should start running once your bank account is verified and your payment is processed.

You can always add more payment methods in your account, and make a manual payment with them at any time.


If you're setting up payment information for the first time and using your bank account to make payments, you can choose to use a credit card while your bank account is verified. This lets your ads start running right away. And once your account is verified, you can assign it as your primary payment method.

Set up manual payments

If you'd like to set up manual payments for your account, click the link below for instructions.

How to set up manual payments

Before you can make the switch, you'll need to pay your account balance, as well as any additional costs from your account from the last seven days. This ensures that your ads keep running once you're on manual payments.

For example, if your current balance is $20 and your costs from the last seven days is $50, you'll need to make a payment of $70 in order to switch to manual payments.

After you've paid your current balance and the additional costs from the last seven days, contact AdWords Express support to complete the switching process.

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