Make a payment

You can make a payment at any time, with any payment method that's available to you.

How to make a payment

  1. Sign in to your AdWords Express account.
  2. Click the Menu button menu at the top.
  3. Click Billing.
  4. On the "Transaction history" tab, click Make a payment.
  5. Choose an existing payment method or add a new one.
  6. Enter your payment amount, and then click Make a payment.


Payments on the automatic payment setting

If you're on the automatic payment setting -- where you pay automatically after you accrue costs -- you can still make a separate, manual payment for your costs at any time. You might want to for these reasons:

  • You want more control over how and when you're charged
    With a manual payment, you can pay your entire AdWords Express account balance, just a fraction of it, or more than your balance for future costs. You can also pay with a new payment method or divide your balance among several of them. This can help delay when your primary payment method is charged. Keep in mind: sometimes if you make a manual payment close to when your automatic payment is due, you might be charged twice.


    Let's say you have an ad with a daily budget of $200 and that we charge your payment method whenever your costs reach $500. This means you're charged multiple times a month.

    Now let's say you make a payment for $1,000 with another payment method -- essentially paying for 5 days' worth of your advertising costs ($200 x 5 = $1000). This means that your primary payment method won't be charged until you've used up your $1,000 payment and an additional $500, which triggers another charge.

  • Your credit card was declined, and you want your ads to run
    If your payment method is ever declined, you can make a manual payment to help your ads stay online while your decline is resolved. If you make a payment by bank transfer or direct debit, your account will start running again once we've received the payment.
Setting up manual payments

If you're on the manual payment setting, you'll make a payment for your AdWords Express costs before your ads run, and that payment will be used to pay for your advertising costs once your ads start running.

Here's what to keep in mind as you make payments on this setting:

  • The amount you pay is up to you, as long as it's above the minimum transaction amount for your location and currency. You'll see what that minimum is when you make a payment.
  • You can make payments more quickly by storing multiple payment methods in your account.
  • You can make a payment with any payment method in your account, or a new payment method that's available in your location and country.
  • Make a payment to ensure your ads can continue to run for a while -- we suggest 30 times your daily budget. If your account balance is running low, we'll send an email (based on your notification settings) when your budget has less than seven days worth of advertising funds.

Access to billing and payments

Choosing who can perform such tasks as making payments, changing payment methods, or receiving invoices is managed in your payments profile. This profile, even if created and updated in AdWords Express, can be used in other Google products. Similarly, if you already have a payments relationship established with Google because you’ve used Google Play, for example, you can reuse that profile in AdWords Express without reentering all of your billing information. Learn more about payments profiles.

Reuse your profile

Though you can create and manage your payments profile entirely within your AdWords Express account, it actually can be used in other Google products. This means that a profile created within AdWords Express can be used to pay for services in many other Google products, like Google Play or Google Analytics premium features. This also means that if you have already established a payments relationship in an existing AdWords Express account or in another Google product, you can choose to use that profile without reentering all your information or creating a new profile for Google Ads. It’s important to note that permissions for these profiles are managed through the Google payments center, not in Google Ads account permissions. Learn more about reusable profiles in the Google payments help center.

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