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Version 10.4

Bids and bid strategies

AdWords Editor now includes more options for managing bids and bid strategies:

  • Update bid strategies for campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.
  • Apply flexible bid strategies from your AdWords account's shared library.
  • Edit bids independently of the campaign bid strategy, e.g. adding CPM bids in a CPC campaign.
  • Copy or move items with their bid strategies within an account or to a different account.

To learn more about the changes and see step-by-step instructions, visit the bid strategies guide.

Search and Display Network settings

Four AdWords campaign types are now available in AdWords Editor: Search Network only, Search & Display Networks, Search Network with Display Select, and Display Network only.

You can view and update campaign network settings on the Campaigns tab and in CSV import files. To learn more about the changes and how to manage your campaigns, visit the network settings overview.

Engagement ads

AdWords Editor now supports engagement ads with a new setting on the Ad groups tab. To create an engagement ad group, select Ad group type > Engagement for any newly added or pasted ad group.

Viewable CPM

For manual CPM campaigns, you can now enable or disable viewable CPM on the Campaigns tab.

More image ad sizes

The following image ad sizes are new in version 10.4: 300x100, 750x300, 750x200, 750x100, 950x90, 88x31, 220x90, 300x31, 320x100, 980x90, 240x133, 200x446, 292x30, 960x90, 970x66, 300x57, 120x60. To see a list of all supported sizes, visit the image ad help article.

Sitelink import improvements

When you import shared sitelinks with the same text and different URLs, such as URLs with campaign- or ad group-specific tracking codes, the URLs now update correctly.

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