Version 11.2

AdWords Editor version 11.2 has added several new features, including the ability to create and add call extensions and Shopping campaigns, along with several performance improvements.

Call extensions 

Call extensions can be created and edited in the Shared library, and then added to campaigns and ad groups. Features include the ability to target mobile devices, track conversions, and create ad schedules.

Shopping campaigns 

Shopping campaigns and product groups can be created and edited in AdWords Editor.

Stat downloads

 AdWords Editor will now download and display all stats that are available in the web interface.


Starting with version 11.2, updates will be downloaded silently. Unposted changes will be backed up and available for import after you download account data again.

HTML export 

Export a summary of your account to an HTML file that can be shared with anyone, including those who don’t have access to AdWords Editor.

Performance improvements 

This update improves performance for several features, including manager accounts.

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