Manage and create mobile app installs campaigns

AdWords Editor allows you to manage mobile app installs campaigns. You can also use AdWords Editor to create new “Display Network only - Mobile app installs” campaigns. Mobile app installs campaigns for the Search Network can only be created using AdWords.

If you copy or import an individual Display Network mobile app installs campaign, its campaign type will be set to “Display Network only - Mobile app installs.” However, if you copy or import a mobile app installs campaign for the Search Network, it’ll be duplicated as a “Search Only” campaign. 

Create and edit a "Display Network only - Mobile app installs" campaign

  1. In the account tree, select the account where you want the mobile app installs campaign to appear.
  2. In the type list, select Campaigns.
  3. Click the arrow on the Add campaign button, above the data view.
  4. In the drop-down menu, select Add Display Network only - Mobile app installs campaign
  5. In the edit panel, make any other edits you wish.

Keep in mind

Once the “Mobile app installs” campaign type is applied to a campaign and the campaign is posted in AdWords, the campaign type can’t be changed. New ad groups created in mobile app installs campaigns are set to “aggressive targeting optimization” by default." 

App install ads can be created in AdWords Editor. App install ads are found on the App install ads tab, and image app install ads on the Image app install ads tab. You can also create and edit mobile app engagement ads using AdWords Editor.

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