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Version 10.2

Upgraded sitelinks

You can use AdWords Editor to manage your upgraded sitelinks in the following ways:

  • View upgraded sitelinks on the new Extensions > Sitelinks (upgraded) tab.
  • Add, edit, or remove upgraded sitelinks at the campaign or ad group level.
  • Copy and paste upgraded sitelinks between campaigns or ad groups.
  • Include upgraded sitelinks in imports and exports.
  • Change a sitelink's platform targeting (all devices, desktop and tablet devices only, or mobile devices only), or the device preference for an individual sitelink (all or mobile).
  • Schedule start and end dates for your sitelink to run, or set it to run specific days of the week and times of day.
  • Disable upgraded sitelinks at the ad group level.

Other updates

All image ads now have a file size limit of 150k.

Accelerated delivery is now allowed for campaigns using automatic bidding.

When you add user lists on the Audiences tab, the new "No. of search users" column provides information about the search audience. The column shows one of the following values for each user list: the size of the search audience, a dash (-) if the size is unavailable, or "Display only" if the list is Display only.

On the Placements tab and the Audiences tab, a new read-only "Targeting setting" column shows "Target and bid" or "Bid only."

You can now enter URLs with the {ifmobile}{ifnotmobile} dynamic insertion format for sitelinks and for ads (except for Dynamic Search Ads and product ads).

Sitelinks and some ad types can now have destination URLs up to 2076 characters, instead of the previous limit of 1024 characters. The larger character limit applies to text ads, image ads, template ads, and sitelinks (both upgraded and non-upgraded).

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