Add multiple text ads

Use the Add Multiple Text Ads tool to add multiple text ads at once.

Prepare your text ad list

To save time, you may wish to make a spreadsheet or text file with your text ad information. You can then copy and paste this information directly into the tool. Include the following information in your file:

  • Campaign name (if you're updating multiple campaigns and ad groups)
  • Ad group name (if you're updating multiple campaigns and ad groups)
  • Headline
  • Description line 1
  • Description line 2
  • Optional: Display URL, destination URL (Learn why these are optional.)
  • Optional: Status (active, paused, deleted)
If you include a column header row, the column headers must be in English, as follows: Campaign, Ad Group, Headline, Description Line 1, Description Line 2, Display URL, Destination URL, Ad Status.

Add text ads

  1. Go to the Data Menu > Add/Update Multiple Text Ads. If you're already on the Text Ads tab, click Make Multiple Changes > Add/Update Multiple Text Ads.
  2. In Step 1, choose a destination for your new text ads:

    • If you prepared your list of ads as described above, select the checkbox to indicate that your ad information includes columns for campaign and ad group names, Note that if you choose this option, your list can include either new or existing campaign and ad group names. If the campaign or ad group doesn't exist yet, the tool will automatically create it. After the ads are added, you'll need to specify campaign settings for the new campaigns and create ads for the new ad groups.

    • If your ad list doesn't include campaign and ad group names, use the account tree to select specific destination ad groups. To add the same list of ads to all campaigns and all ad groups, check the box next to the account tree to select all campaigns and all ad groups. To add the same list of ads to specific ad groups, select those ad groups in the account tree.

  3. Type or paste your list of text ads in the Text Ads field.
  4. Click Next.
  5. In Step 2, assign headings to each column of data. If you want AdWords Editor to use the same order of headings the next time you use use the Add/Update Multiple tool, check the box next to ‘Remember the order of my column headings for future imports.’ Once you've confirmed that the headings are correct, click Process.
  6. The Add/Update Multiple tool will display the number of ads processed. Click Finish and review changes to see your pending changes, or click Revert and cancel to cancel the operation.
  7. To view your new ads, select the account or a specific campaign in the tree view and select the Ads tab, then select the Text Ads tab. Your new ads will appear in the data view with + beside them.
  8. To add the pending changes to your account, click Keep Proposed Changes. Learn how to accept or reject individual proposed changes.