Change text capitalization

The Change text capitalization tool enables you to update the capitalization of selected items in your account, such as ad text or the names of campaigns or ad groups.

  1. In the data view  select the rows to edit.
  2. Go to the application menu   and select Change capitalization.
  3. Select the capitalization change. Options include:
    • Title case: Capitalize the first letter of each word, such as "My Ad Headline."
    • Sentence case: Capitalize only the first letter of each line, such as "My ad headline."
    • Lower case: No capitalization, such as "my ad headline."
  4. Optional: To create duplicates of the selected rows and modify the duplicates instead of the original items, select the "Duplicate selected rows" checkbox.
  5. Click Change Capitalization.
  6. In the confirmation dialog, click Modify all to apply the changes, or Cancel to start over.

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