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Version 10.3

New features

Demographic targeting:

  • View and update your AdWords demographic targeting on the new Gender and Age tabs.
  • Include demographic targeting in import and export files.
  • Copy and paste demographic targets and exclusions between ad groups and campaigns.
  • Learn more about gender targeting and age targeting in the Help Center.

Audience targeting:

  • When you assign audiences to ad groups, a new set of interest categories is available under "Affinity categories (reach)."

Sitelink improvements:

  • Sitelinks can include two additional fields: Description line 1 and Description line 2.
  • View the approval status for sitelinks in the Status column on the Sitelinks tab and in the Approval status column in exported CSV files.
  • The new sitelink import setting gives you the option to import sitelinks with the same text and different URLs.
  • All sitelinks are now upgraded, so legacy sitelinks no longer appear in AdWords Editor.

Other changes

Location targeting summaries: On the Campaigns tab, enable the Locations column to see a summary of each campaign's location targets.

Campaign settings: The following obsolete campaign settings no longer appear on the Campaigns tab or CSV import.

  • Enhanced campaign setting: All campaigns are now enhanced.
  • Platform targeting: All campaigns target all three platforms (desktop, mobile, tablet). You can still choose specific operating systems and carriers.

Display targeting optimization: Enable or disable targeting optimization on the Ad groups tab.

New default flexible reach setting: For ad groups in campaigns targeting the Search Network, the default flexible reach setting for audiences is now "Bid only." (The default for other targeting types is "Target and bid.")

New image ad dimension: AdWords Editor now supports 970x250 image ads.

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