6 steps to using AdWords Editor

To use AdWords Editor, first download one or more accounts. Then, you can make changes offline and upload the changes to AdWords.

  1. Review your settings: The AdWords Editor settings include default targeting for new campaigns and other important details. Before using AdWords Editor, review your settings in Tools > Settings (Windows) or AdWords Editor > Preferences (Mac).

  2. Download an account: Start by downloading one or more AdWords accounts.

  3. Make changes to the account: You can make individual changes (e.g. copy and paste a keyword to a different ad group) or make changes in bulk (e.g. replace text across multiple ads, or import a list of updated campaigns). To see detailed instructions for a specific kind of change, search or browse this Help Center.

  4. Share changes (optional): You can share proposed changes with colleagues or reviewers, then import and review their changes.

  5. Check changes: Before posting your changes to AdWords, run Check changes and address any errors or warnings.

  6. Post changes: After you post to AdWords, your changes appear in your AdWords account.
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