Advanced URL changes

If you need to edit multiple URLs quickly, the advanced URL changes tool is an easy way to change final URLs, final mobile URLs, and tracking templates. The tool allows you to:

  • Change all selected URLs to a new URL.
  • Append text to all selected URLs.
  • Remove a specified parameter from all selected URLs.
Change URLs
  1. Select the items that you want to edit. For example, select Ads > Text ads to edit text ad final URLs.
  2. In the data view, select the rows to edit. To filter the data view so that you see fewer rows, use the tree view or advanced search.
  3. Go to the Edit menu > Change URLs.
  4. Choose the type of URL from the “Perform action in” drop-down menu.
  5. Enter your changes.
  6. Click Change URLs.

Good to Know

When adding final URLs to existing ads, make sure to post the URL upgrades before posting the rest of your changes. If you post normally without upgrading the URLs, you will lose all stats and history associated with that ad.

Here's how to upgrade URLs in AdWords Editor:

  1. Enter final URLs in the edit panel.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to the "Post" button.
  3. Select Post URL upgrades.
  4. Select the campaigns you want to upgrade.
  5. Click Post URL upgrades.

After completing these steps, you can post other changes to your account normally, and the ads will retain their historical data. You only need to post URL upgrades once per ad.

Final URLs offer better tracking options and have replaced destination URLs. Your ads' historical data will be lost unless you upgrade. Learn more about upgraded URLs and how to upgrade URLs on your account.

Add multiple URLs

AdWords Editor can add multiple final URLs and final mobile URLs to an item, but not in the Change URLs dialog. Instead, use the “Make multiple changes” tool at the top of the data view. Here’s how:

  • Select the items you want to edit in the type list and data view.
  • Click Make multiple changes.
  • Paste your changes from a spreadsheet, or enter information manually by using the column drop-down menus to add columns for items that will be affected (such as keywords or ad groups) and columns for Final URL or Final mobile URL.
  • If entering manually, fill in the fields with the related information, and then enter URLs for each row in a single field, separated by spaces (it won’t work if you use semicolons to separate URLs).
  • Click Process.


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