AdWords features in AdWords Editor

If you're wondering about a particular feature that isn't listed below, visit the AdWords Help Center or the AdWords Editor Help Center for more information.
  AdWords feature AdWords Editor support More information
Ad types Basic ad types
(text, image, WAP mobile)
Yes Learn how to add text ads, image ads, and WAP mobile ads in AdWords Editor.
Display Ad Builder ads Yes (limited) Learn about display ads in AdWords Editor.
Dynamic Search Ads Yes Learn about Dynamic Search Ads in AdWords Editor.
Product Shopping ads Yes Learn about Product Shopping ads in AdWords Editor.
Video ads Yes Learn about video ads in AdWords Editor
Promoted Video ads Yes Learn about Promoted Video ads in AdWords Editor.
Call-only ads Yes Learn about call-only ads.
Ads using ad parameters Yes Learn about ad parameters.
Shared creatives No To view and manage shared creatives, you'll need to sign in to AdWords online.
Ad gallery ads Yes (limited) You can download Ad gallery ads and copy them to other campaigns in the same account. To create an Ad gallery ad, you'll need to sign in to AdWords online.
App promotion ads Yes (limited) You can download app promotion ads and copy them to other campaigns in the same account. To create an app promotion ad, you'll need to sign in to AdWords online. Keep in mind that app promotion ads are not supported for TrueView video campaigns in AdWords Editor.
Product groups in Shopping campaigns Yes (limited) Learn about Shopping campaigns and product groups in AdWords Editor.
App install ads Yes Learn about app install ads and “mobile app installs” campaigns in AdWords Editor.
Campaign settings Campaign types Yes (limited) Types of changes vary depending on the campaign type. Learn about campaign types in AdWords Editor.
Shared budgets No Shared budgets are read-only in AdWords Editor.
Ad scheduling Yes Learn about ad scheduling in AdWords Editor.
Campaign experiments Yes (limited) You can download existing AdWords campaign experiments and update experiment status. Learn about campaign experiments in AdWords Editor.
Bid settings Portfolio bid strategies Yes Learn about bid strategies in AdWords Editor.
Basic bidding options Yes Learn about bidding options in AdWords Editor.
Enhanced CPC Yes Learn about enhanced CPC.
Automatic CPC bidding (Budget Optimizer) Yes (limited) Learn about automatic CPC bidding in AdWords Editor.
CPA bidding (Conversion Optimizer) Yes (limited) Learn about CPA bidding in AdWords Editor.
CPA % bidding Yes (limited) Learn about CPA% bidding in AdWords Editor.
Target ROAS Yes Learn more about Target ROAS bidding
Maximize clicks Yes Learn more about Maximize clicks bidding
Ad targeting Demographic targeting Yes Target and exclude by parental status, age, and gender.
Topic targeting Yes Learn about topic targeting in AdWords Editor.
Audiences Yes Learn about audience targeting in AdWords Editor.
Device targeting Yes Target certain types of devices (computer, mobile, tablet, etc.) and operating system versions.
Publisher-defined placements Yes (limited) If you download a campaign that already contains publisher-defined placements, you can make changes and re-post the campaign.
Exclusions from the site and category exclusion tool Yes (limited) Excluded sites appear in the Negatives tab in AdWords Editor. However, excluded topics, page types, and media types may not be viewed or changed.
Display targeting optimization Yes Learn about targeting optimization for Display campaigns in AdWords Editor.
Mobile app placements Yes Target by app.
Mobile interest categories Yes Target specific user interests.
Other Sitelinks Yes Learn about sitelinks in AdWords Editor.
Upgraded URLs Yes Learn about using upgraded URLs.
Labels Yes Learn about using labels.
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