Export a spreadsheet (CSV)

Create a spreadsheet with your current account data

  • Go to the Account menu > Export > Export whole account. Select CSV (.csv) as the file type. Your account information is saved as a CSV (comma-separated values) file that you can view and edit in any spreadsheet editor.
  • If the account includes images that you want to export, go to the Account menu > Export > Export whole account and select CSV files with images in zip archive (.zip). With this option, the CSV file is packed into a ZIP file with any images you might have in your account.

The CSV export is useful for sharing your account information with someone who doesn't use AdWords Editor. Export your entire account, your current view (such as advanced search results), a single campaign or ad group, or specific campaigns and ad groups you select. If you've downloaded statistics, they'll be included in the CSV export. However, note that some settings, such as Display and Search Network settings, aren't included in CSV exports.


If you’d like to make edits with CSV and don’t want to lose your performance history for prior items, make sure to select Include original columns in CSV/ZIP exports under your export settings, which can be found under "Settings" in the toolbar. Learn more

If you edit your CSV file, you can then import it to apply your changes in AdWords Editor.


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