Copy or move campaigns

You can use Google Ads Editor to copy or move campaigns between accounts or within one account.

Copy and paste campaigns between accounts

  1. In the account tree  , select one or more campaigns.
  2. In the application menu at top ,  select Edit. 
  3. In the edit menu that appears, select one of these options:
    • To copy the entire campaign and its contents, select Copy.
    • To copy only the campaign settings, select Copy shell.
    • To remove the campaign from the current account and add it to a different account, select  Cut.
  4. Return to the application menu  , and select Account > Open.
  5. In the new window that appears, select the account where you want to paste the campaigns, and click Open.
  6. Return to the application menu   and click Edit > Paste.

Copy and paste campaigns within an account

  1. In the account tree , select one or more campaigns.
  2. Choose one of these options:
    • To copy the entire campaign and its contents, click the application menu  and select Edit > Copy.
    • To copy only the campaign settings, click the application menu and select Edit > Copy shell.
  3. In the application menu, select Edit > Paste.
  4. In the edit panel , change the names of the campaigns you pasted. It isn't possible to post multiple campaigns with the same name. 

Data and settings in moved or copied campaigns

  • Performance statistics: Performance statistics, such as impressions and clicks, don't transfer to the new campaign.
  • Portfolio bid strategies: If you paste or import an item with a portfolio bid strategy to a different account, manual CPC bidding replaces the portfolio bid strategy.
  • Bids and budgets: If you move bids and budgets between accounts on different currencies, the numbers will remain the same, which means the monetary values will change. Please ensure that you're comfortable with the resulting values or that you adjust the values. Google does not take responsibility for adjusting bids and budgets, and is not liable for any consequences resulting from carrying over the same values between accounts using different currencies.
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