Lightbox ads in AdWords Editor

You can find an overview of lightbox ads in the AdWords Help Center.

In the AdWords online interface, lightbox ads are available for the campaign sub-type called "Display Network only - Engagement."

Instead of a campaign sub-type, AdWords Editor has an ad group-level setting called "Ad group type." This setting on the Ad groups tab has two options: Default and Engagement.

The Ad group type setting is only editable for new, unposted ad groups. To specify a newly created or pasted ad group as an engagement ad group, choose Ad group type > Engagement.

Once an ad group has been posted to AdWords, it isn't possible to change the ad group type.

Keep in mind
The “Engagement” ad group type in AdWords Editor isn’t related to mobile app engagement ads, which are a new ad type. Learn about mobile app engagement ads in AdWords Editor.
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