Download, view, or hide removed items

In your AdWords Editor settings, you can specify whether to download removed campaigns and ad groups, and whether to view or hide the removed items that have been downloaded.

Settings for downloading

To specify whether AdWords Editor should download removed campaigns and ad groups, follow these steps:

  1. Select Tools > Settings (Windows) or AdWords Editor > Preferences (Mac).
  2. On the "Download and display" tab, select or deselect Download removed campaigns and ad groups.
  3. Click OK.

The updated settings take effect the next time you download your account (Account > Full download).

Settings for viewing and hiding

If you've downloaded removed items in AdWords Editor, you can choose at any time whether to view or hide them.

  1. In the header of the account tree, select the drop-down arrow.
  2. Select the types of campaigns and ad groups you want to see in the account tree. All other items will be hidden.
  3. To see all items, select All campaigns and All ad groups, or click Reset to defaults.
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