Navigation overview

Get started with an overview of the Google Ads Editor interface.

AdWords Editor navigation overview

  1. Toolbar: The toolbar is at the top of Google Ads Editor. Use the buttons to open or add an account, download recent changes, check or post changes to Google Ads, and view account statistics.
  2. Tree view: Use the tree view or, also known as the account tree, to select or search the account, campaign, or ad group that you want to view or edit. Click the arrow next to the account name or any campaign to expand or collapse it.
  3. Type list: Click an item in the type list to view or search data for your selected account, campaign, or ad group. For example, select a campaign in the tree view, then select Keywords in the type list to see the keywords for that campaign in the data view.
  4. Data view: The data view displays the contents of your account, campaign, or ad group. Contents of your data view will change depending on what you’ve selected in the tree view and type list.
  5. Edit panel: When you select a row in the data view, you can edit it in the edit panel or by typing directly in the selected row.

To create more space for viewing and editing your account information, collapse one or more of the panels in the Google Ads Editor interface.

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