Upgrade to the latest version

Once you've installed AdWords Editor, you'll automatically see a prompt to update whenever a new version is released. The prompt will include three options:

  • Backup then update: This option allows you to create a backup file with all your unposted changes and comments. If your account information must be removed as part of the update, which happens occasionally, you can simply import the backup file and your comments and unposted changes will be intact.
  • Don't update: If you choose this option, you'll be prompted to update again the next time you run AdWords Editor.
  • Update without backup: This option starts the upgrade without creating a backup of your changes. If you choose this option, you could lose unposted changes or comments.

After you install the new version of AdWords Editor, you might need to download your account again. If you manage multiple accounts, you must download each account separately. If you chose the "Backup then update" option, you can import the backup file after downloading your account again.

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