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Keyword Opportunities tool

Keyword Opportunities tool overview

This feature isn't available in AdWords Editor version 11.0.

The Keyword Opportunities tool can help you find new keywords for your account and add the new keywords directly to new or existing ad groups.

To start, go to the Tools menu and select Keyword Opportunities. You must have a working Internet connection to run the Keyword Opportunities tool.

Next, choose from the following tabs:

Keyword expansion: Generate keyword ideas based on descriptive words or phrases. For example, enter the term "gourmet coffee" to see other related terms, along with the estimated search volume and competition for each keyword. Learn more about using keyword expansion.

Search-based keywords: Find new keywords that are relevant to your website. Based on your website URL, this feature generates a list of relevant user queries that have occurred on Google search properties with some frequency over the past year. The keyword suggestions won't overlap with any of the keywords currently in your campaigns. Learn more about finding search-based keywords.

Keyword multiplier: Combine lists of terms to form a new keyword list. For example, your first list could contain adjectives, such as "cheap" and "discount." Your second list could contain products or services, such as "hotels" and "motels." The tool will then show you every possible combination of those terms, so you can select the appropriate ones for your account. Learn more about multiplying keywords.

Tips for using Keyword Opportunities

  • For faster navigation within the tool, use the keyboard shortcuts.
  • Once you've created new keywords, you might want to use the Keyword Grouper to organize your keywords into groups of related terms.
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