Google AdWords Third Party Policy - Report a Violation

Use this form to report a violation of the Google third-party policy. 

Be sure to include any supporting information requested in the form. This information helps us identify and resolve violations faster. Don’t include any confidential or sensitive information about you or the third party.

Accepted formats for supporting documents: PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIF, TIFF

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Learn how to find your customer ID. If you don't have access to your account, ask your account manager for your AdWords customer ID.
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Your privacy is very important to us. In some cases, sharing your website and/or AdWords customer ID with the third party may help us address the issue more effectively. However, we will only share this information if you give us permission to do so.

Help us identify the offending AdWords third party.

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Tell us about the Google Third Party Policy violation.

Read carefully and check all that apply. Describe each violation in as much detail as possible by including specific information such as when and how you were made aware of it, for example, through a phone conversation, email, the third party's website, etc.
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Third parties should, at minimum, provide clients with monthly data on AdWords costs, clicks, and impressions at the account level.

Please upload one of the following:

  • Invoice of payment made for services clearly showing the name of the third party and the client
  • Copies of reports received from the third party
  • Any other communication establishing that the third party managed your (or your client’s) AdWords account
  • Any other documents that may indicate a violation of of the Google third-party policy
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If someone says they are from Google, ask them for their name and to email you from their email address.
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Third parties must represent Google products accurately. For example, it’s not possible to guarantee permanent or specific ad positions on search results pages because ad position is determined by an auction and changes dynamically with every new search.
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Where did you observe the violation?
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The content of your complaint may be shared with the offending AdWords third party. We won't share any other information unless you've given us permission to do so above. We may also contact you via email for more information.
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