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If you haven’t completed a malware scan and changed your login passwords, it is critical that you do so as soon as possible. Performing these steps is critical to the reactivation of your account. You can also enhance your account security by enabling 2 step verification. Should there be any unauthorized activities, we will need to delete all compromised campaigns and may need to pause other active campaigns in your AdWords account. Check the box below to authorize us to make necessary changes to your account. *
Should there be any unauthorized costs, we may be able to process reimbursements using one of the following methods.

Credit Adjustment: Your AdWords account will receive a credit, which can be used toward future advertising. With this option, your account will be reactivated within a week.

Refund: Any unauthorized costs that accrued in your AdWords account, but were not charged, will be written off. With this option, your account will be reactivated in 1-2 weeks.
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