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Under review: Definition

A status given to ads that can't run until Google reviews them (usually within 1 business day). If we find that an ad follows our policies, it can start running.

  • What it means: "Under review" ads can't run anywhere until they're reviewed and approved because they need a closer look to make sure that they follow our policies. When you create or edit an ad, Google reviews the ad to make sure that it complies with our advertising policies and is safe and appropriate.
  • Affected ads: Some types of ads will automatically be marked "under review" at first, including these:
    • image and video ads
    • ads in campaigns that only target Google Network partner sites
    • text ads that seem to relate to a product policy like gambling or alcohol
    Remember, an "under review" ad doesn't necessarily mean that it violates our policies. If we review it and find no problems, your ad will be able to start running.
  • What you can do: Your ad is already in line to be reviewed, so you'll need to wait until that review is done. We review most ads within 1 business day, though some more complex reviews may take longer. If your ad is under review for more than 1 full business day, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help you.
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