Automatic placements

Webpages, videos, and apps on the Display Network where your ads can show that are automatically matched to the targeting you've selected (like keywords or topics). Automatic placements are different than managed placements which you specifically choose as places where you'd like to show your ads.

Here's how automatic placements work:

  • Your ads can appear on automatic placements if you've selected one of these campaign types: "Display Network only" or "Search Network with Display Select".
  • AdWords uses your keywords and other targeting methods to match your ads to relevant placements on the Display Network.
  • If you don't want to use automatic placements, add managed placements to your ad group and select “Target and bid.” Learn more about targeting settings on the Display Network.


If you’re using keywords for targeting in your ad group, we'll try to match your ads to relevant placements based on your keyword list, among other factors. For example, an ad group using automatic placements that is entirely focused around men's shoes could show ads on webpages about shoes.

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